10 questions to ask yourself before sending a resume

A resume is an essential tool you can possess when looking for a job. When you craft it well, it puts you over the top over other candidates. So, when you find a job posting, and you want to send your resume and cover letter, take a step back, and ask yourself these ten questions to be certain you have covered all aspects.

Do I meet the qualifications of the job?

With companies nowadays making unnecessary demands on their potential employees, it is impossible to meet all the qualifications of a job. However, make sure that you have met at least seventy-five percent of the requirements.

Do the abstract of my resume match the job requirements?

Once you have replaced your objectives with a summary, consider whether it meets the needs outlined in the job advert. Match your skills in the particular field with the position advertised, leaving out irrelevant experience.

Is my contact information present?

You may think that that including contact information is unforgettable but, online resume writing services like Resume That Work note that it is a mistake that some job seekers make. Avoid it by including your phone number and your email address on both pages of your resume.

Is my resume error free?

There is no recruiting officer who will hire you when your resume is full of grammar mistakes. So, once you exhaust your editing, go through it a couple of times proofread and correct all the grammar and punctuation errors present. Alternatively, you can request someone else, such as a friend or a family member to proofread it for you.

Is it addressed to the right person?

When sending the resume, ensure that you have addressed the right person. The hiring manager information is usually on the job posting; thus, copy it with the correct spelling and send your resume to them.

Did I make use of clichés and buzz words?

Despite the need to polish your resume, using words such as “result-oriented,” or “team player” among others will not impress hiring managers. Keep away from such buzz words and instead, use simple, strong verbs such as “negotiated” or “increased” to communicate your points across.

Did I highlight my achievements?

When it comes to achievements, every employer wants to see you shine. Go through your resume again and explain the accomplishments you attained together with your responsibilities and roles.

Have I observed all the instructions laid out in the job posting?

Did the advertisement layout different requirements? Well, this is the time to find out. Consider whether it required you to address it to a particular individual or whether there were documents you were to submit alongside the resume among other instructions.

Have I utilized the exact keywords?

Some companies make use of a tracking system to assess job applications through the presence of keywords before the recruiting manager goes through them. Use the keywords as highlighted in the job posting, to give you an opportunity at the job.

If I was the interviewer, would I invite me for an interview?

Imagine you are the hiring manager and judge whether you would consider inviting yourself for an interview based on your resume. Be honest and if satisfied, go ahead and send it.


Crafting a resume that wins you a job is challenging. However, by analyzing your work from the perspective of a potential employer, you will improve the chances of receiving an invitation to an interview.

Professional Essay Writing

Professional Essay Writing

Writing continues to change with each passing decade. Currently, people write less, and a significant portion of this change is as a result of the technological wave. Technology continues to make things seamless as it connects people all over the world. A person in Japan can communicate without any problems with a person in South Africa. The world has become a global village where everyone is accessible. Writing essay service has a similar experience in that some of its aspects are changing. Instead of waiting for weeks or months to receive a letter, people receive text messages, WhatsApp, or Facebook messages within seconds. Everything is easy now, and it is all because of technology.

For students, however, the changes in writing have little meaning because like before, students have to write essays. Teachers keep bombarding students with writing assignments like before and with plagiarism checkers available, students have a hard time cheating. The expectation is that every student will produce their original work. But as is always the case, only a few students take their time to write their essays. Well, if I am a teacher, I will make the assumption that I have lazy students. But is this the case? Are 60% of my class lazy? Well, it may be true that they are lazy, but it may also be true that a majority of them did not find ample time to write the paper.  So, what is the solution for these students? How can society help them pursue their dreams? Below is the answer.

Professional Essay Writing Online

As a student, you hear the words professional writers or professional writer service often. These words define individuals who take their time to ensure that you never feel left out. These individuals spend a lot of time working on your essays and make sure you are at the same level as other students. Students pay some money for this service but at the end of the semester are able to claim their rightful position. We say rightful position because students have different gifts. A student can be a good writer and know how to explain their thoughts. Another student can have a good understanding of the subject at hand but not know how to express themselves. In a typical classroom setup, the former student will pass while the latter will not. To us, that is a flaw, and the education system has to change.

How do we Work

How do we Work

You may have come across ads with the words writing essays for money online. Well, if you have not, you need to spend more time on your computer and google. For those who have, those words mean people are ready to write your essay at a little fee. A majority of these individuals are professionals with great backgrounds and are ready to help you submit a great essay. However, our experts from EssayBasics ask you to embrace the habit of reading online reviews and conduct in-depth research of these platforms. This was a cautionary message. So, how do we work? Here are the four easy steps:

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  • Tracking your order – this is up to you. Tracking an order means being in communication with the writer or support for purposes of monitoring your essay’s progress.
  • Delivery – this is when we deliver your paper.

Why Choose Us

The words write essays for money can be misleading because a person can think that our main goal is to make money. Well, we do want to make money. However, making money is not our main goal. We have goals which we are working towards, and we know our success depends on how we treat our clients. If our focus is on how we will write essays for cash, then, in the end, we will fall short of the greater goal. Money should never be the reason you are doing something. If you pursue a career path because of money, the markets or the technological wave can disappoint you because of the many changes it is supporting. The main reason why you should choose us is that we are not after your money. We are after something bigger, and money is only be the result of what we do. Aside from this, here are a few guarantees or more reasons why you need to choose us:

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The Easiest Way to Buy Cheap Essays

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Have Your Essay Written

In school, you will find yourself with a lot of work that involves essay writing. Well, as already indicated, in everything, there are those who will excel and those who will not. We are here to offer help to anyone who may feel overwhelmed or knows they cannot communicate their thoughts in an eloquent manner. For the busy students as well, we can have your work done and deliver it within the agreed deadline.

Have Your Essay Written

When you are looking to buy an essay, it is crucial that you establish the credibility of the platform you intend to use. First of all, you have to make sure you are working with professionals. A professional will address you in a respectful way and give your work the attention it deserves regardless of your level of education. Also, a professional will not entice you to buy essay online cheap while in fact, they know they cannot match your demands or quality level. Professionals with integrity are honest individuals who are not after money but after building lasting relationships with their clients.

In the past, students could spend a lot of time writing essays and going through multiple documents to deliver a one-page or two-page essay. However, today, we are making it easier for everyone who is willing to incur a small cost. We are here to tell you that you do not need to juggle your studies, group discussion, writing your essay, football training, and that after-school job you have. What you need to do is find us online and buy essays online cheap. All of us have been through a similar system and thus understand how hectic it can get. So, do not succumb to stress or burnout while you can contact us and have us sweat it out for you.

What We Offer

By now you know that you can buy essay papers from us. But what exactly will you be buying? What sort of service should you expect? Well, we guarantee the following:

  • Delivery will be on time – we value our clients and as professionals believe that we have to walk the talk. So, since our clients trust us with their work, we make it our mission to deliver their orders on time.
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Best Place to Purchase Essays Online

A company that places its clients first wins most of the time. At our company, we thrive on keeping our professionals happy and our clients happier. With a team booming with inspiration, it will be easier to satisfy you as our customer. We call ourselves the best because we do stand out and there is no equal to our services. When you purchase essays online from our platform, we hope you will find time to read the reviews and feedback from some of our clients. The satisfaction rate is high, and unlike the rest, we are not aiming for the sky only to land on the moon: We are aiming for the moon, but our eyes and focus are on the sky.

In conclusion, we ask you to try our services today. The promise is that we’ll make you a regular customer before you know it and soon you will be asking yourself how you got to trust us. Take that step; we are waiting for your call.

A Quick Guide to Search Engine Optimization

A Quick Guide to Search Engine Optimization

What are the most effective SEO strategies? Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the practice of increasing the quality of website visitors. It is a widely accepted technique of generating more and more traffic, which is both valid and organic, helping the webmaster generate a lot of revenues. Experts indicate that websites and blogs cannot come on the first page of Google and other search engines if they do not pay any attention to search engine optimization. Vancouver seo present a comprehensive guide to SEO.

How does it work?

Bing, Yahoo, and Google are known to score the search results depending on authority and relevancy of web pages that are indexed by the crawler. It helps webmasters provide the best ever experience to their website and blog visitors and allows them to boost the overall rankings and sales. Google reportedly uses up to two hundred signals while scoring the search results and your website can leave a good impact only if its SEO has been done carefully and wisely. SEO link building is an important technique in this regard.

On-page SEO

A number of on-page SEO techniques are to take care of while improving the user experience of your site. You may contact an SEO company Vancouver to know the benefit of our SEO services. We ensure to improve the organic visibility of your web pages. You can find relevant keywords yourself and can place them in the articles at distinctive places, ensuring that the quality of your site is improved and more and more visitors are attracted toward it.


Creative Writing Techniques

One of the main requirements in an essay is that it should be creative. It is important for the student to deliver work that is creative. This entails the use of different literal devices and ensuring that the essay is unique. The point of view that the essay takes should differ from what other writers have addressed as that helps add to the creativity of the essay. But how does one ensure that he or she has written a creative essay?

Have the Reader in Mind

One of the best ways to write creative essay is to identify the reader. It is only after understanding what the reader wants that one can write an essay that interests him or her. In the case of a student essay, the reader is the teacher/lecturer. He or she has set the que4stion, hence, has a good idea of what an effective answer should incorporate. This means that in such a case the creative essays for students need to effectively answer the question.


It is important to adopt a well laid-out structure for one to write creative paper. Having a well laid out structure ensure that the work is unique and adds the aspect of creativity in that the writer can organize ideas in a logical manner. Lecturers consider creative papers for college students to be those that have logical ideas and a clear structure, which makes it easy for the reader to read and understand the content.

Opening Paragraph

The say first impressions matter and can last long. The same applies when writing creative essays. One of the ways on how to write creative essay is by ensuring that the opening paragraph grabs the attention of the readers. This helps win them over and keeps them glued to the paper from the first paragraph to the end.

Literal Devices

Many students struggle with the question how to write creative papers. The truth, however, is that there is no better approach to creative essays than the use of metaphors, imagery, and other literature devices. These literal devices serve a crucial role in attracting the attention of the readers, which is important as far as delivering exemplary papers is concerned.


Importance of Graffiti Art Essay

Are you looking to write essay about graffiti art? Before doing so, you should be familiar with what graffiti is. It is an art of writing or drawing something on the wall or another surface without the permission of the original author. The core purpose of graffiti is to attract the attention of a large number of people, and it ranges from wall paintings to simple yet beautiful written texts.

Graffiti in modern times

Do you want to come up with a quality essay about art for students? According to brandname, graffiti has been around for centuries, dating back to the times of ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and Egypt. However, with time, new trends and techniques were developed. Today, paintings and drawings in the form of graffiti are given more preference than written works. In some parts of the world, marking or painting properties without taking the written or verbal permission of the property’s owner is considered vandalism and defacement, which can lead to serious punishments or court cases. Students street arts come in different forms, and varying materials and colors are used to create drawings and paintings on the property.

The purpose of graffiti

When you decide to write about street art, you should be familiar with the purpose of graffiti. Most of the forms of graffiti are used to express an underlying message or two, and people use spray paints to raise their voices against a social or political issue. Artistic expressions are used with an aim to convey emotions and messages clearly and precisely, and graffiti has evolved along with b-boying, hip hop music, and other varying elements. Gangs also use it to get their messages read and their activities noticed by the media, public, and government.


Differences between Normal Students and Art Students

Many people think that the subjects of arts are good for nothing. Compare to the science and technology subjects, they are not given as much importance as they actually deserve. The fact is that art is as important and integral as is science or a technology subject. In fact, students studying art subjects are far more creative and better than normal students.

Creative minded individuals

As an art student, you will become creative minded because the subjects taught to such students require them to use their six senses to come up with quality artworks, paintings, sculptures, and other similar things. In contrast, students who study others kinds of subjects are never encouraged to use their creativity to come up with something nice. Instead, they are asked to learn the theories and concepts given in the textbooks.

Access to better learning materials and resources

An art student is given access to plenty of learning resources and materials, such as colors, printed materials, and other similar things. Compared to this, a normal student may never get to know about how beautiful nature is and how to explore the hidden beauty of plants and animals.

A lot of opportunities of career grooming and self-grooming

After completing your studies, you can apply for a job anywhere that is related to your field. Another idea is that you can display your artworks in a gallery and can gain international recognition. No such opportunities are provided to students who have specialized in other subjects.