Creative Writing Techniques

One of the main requirements in an essay is that it should be creative. It is important for the student to deliver work that is creative. This entails the use of different literal devices and ensuring that the essay is unique. The point of view that the essay takes should differ from what other writers have addressed as that helps add to the creativity of the essay. But how does one ensure that he or she has written a creative essay?

Have the Reader in Mind

One of the best ways to write creative essay is to identify the reader. It is only after understanding what the reader wants that one can write an essay that interests him or her. In the case of a student essay, the reader is the teacher/lecturer. He or she has set the que4stion, hence, has a good idea of what an effective answer should incorporate. This means that in such a case the creative essays for students need to effectively answer the question.


It is important to adopt a well laid-out structure for one to write creative paper. Having a well laid out structure ensure that the work is unique and adds the aspect of creativity in that the writer can organize ideas in a logical manner. Lecturers consider creative papers for college students to be those that have logical ideas and a clear structure, which makes it easy for the reader to read and understand the content.

Opening Paragraph

The say first impressions matter and can last long. The same applies when writing creative essays. One of the ways on how to write creative essay is by ensuring that the opening paragraph grabs the attention of the readers. This helps win them over and keeps them glued to the paper from the first paragraph to the end.

Literal Devices

Many students struggle with the question how to write creative papers. The truth, however, is that there is no better approach to creative essays than the use of metaphors, imagery, and other literature devices. These literal devices serve a crucial role in attracting the attention of the readers, which is important as far as delivering exemplary papers is concerned.

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